Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files sent from a website to a user's device (usually the browser), where they are stored to recognize the device upon subsequent visits. Each cookie typically contains the name of the server from which it was sent, an expiration date, and a unique number generated by the computer.
Cookies can be classified as first-party cookies, installed by the website visited by the user, or third-party cookies, installed by a different site through the first site. This occurs when elements on the visited site, such as images or links, are hosted on servers other than the visited site's server.
Based on their purpose, cookies are categorized as follows:
Technical Cookies: These are used solely to transmit communications over an electronic communications network or to provide services explicitly requested by the user. They facilitate efficient browsing, store user preferences, enable authentication, and manage online purchases. Some essential technical cookies do not require user consent.
Analytics Cookies: These are considered technical if used directly by the site manager to collect aggregate data on user interactions for optimization purposes.
Profiling Cookies: These track user browsing behavior to create profiles for targeted advertising based on their interests. User consent is required for the installation of profiling cookies.
Cookies can be persistent, remaining stored until expiration, or session-based, disappearing when the browser is closed.
Users can manage cookie preferences through their browser settings. By continuing to browse the site or selecting elements on the site, users consent to the use of profiling cookies, recorded through the use of a "technical cookie."